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Dr Lynsey Byrom offers psycho-educational seminar and workshop presentations to businesses and organisations and has experience presenting to a range of groups across various sectors including law, finance, defence and health. Previous presentations have included staff clarifying their professional development/goal setting paths, development of skills and knowledge to improve staff well-being (e.g., stress management strategies, preventing absenteeism and presenteeism through improving staff self-care) and development of interpersonal skills (e.g., responding to angry customers/clients, assertiveness and other healthy communication skills).

Lynsey is a clinical psychologist with over 15 years experience and has worked with clients in correctional, hospital, community, research, corporate health, defence and private mental health settings. Please follow these links to find out more about Dr Lynsey Byrom and her individual therapy work. Lynsey brings an engaging and compassionate approach to her workshops and seminar presentations and tailors such to meet each business’s needs. Workshops and seminar presentations are therefore client-directed and the structure (e.g., informational/seminar, interactive workshop), content and length can vary considerably.

To discuss how Lynsey can be of assistance to your business’s needs please make contact via the contact form or call 1800 858 179.

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